For power amplifiers, such as HF and VHF, using modern LDMOS transistors, powerful power supplies of 50 V and even 65 V (MPFX1K80H) are needed. For the first experiments, I bought a used power supply from the Hewlett-Packard server - ESP120. Very good power supplly, 2950 watts, "smooth start", different protections, etc .. I managed to raise its voltage to 58 V. To do this, I had to disassemble the power source and make some changes on CTRL BRD.
Also this power source has a very long length - 550 mm. So I decided to cut it into two parts and removed the extra elements.
To get the 12 V voltage required for the switching circuits and circuits of the BIAS transistor, I decided to apply a DC-DC converter (50 -> 12 V) with a power of 7 watts. It is a pity that you can not use the 5 V output available originally from the ESP120.